Publishing of Challenges ceased in 1998 when the red ink drowned out the black. This site contains material rescued from its original website as well as recent articles by its publisher, Donna Bailey-Thompson, and by the popular relationship therapist, Dr. Roger A. Rhoades.


For excerpts from Donna's book, STARK RAVING SOBER/the true story of her tumultuous marriages to troubled men

and her determination to survive

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Challenges, Inc. is a self-help source offering vital and timely information about codependency, domestic violence, addictions, grief, illness and loss, joy and spirituality.

If you refuse to be a victim, are working to overcome addiction (to anything -- alcohol, substance, food, sex), pulling out of codependency, moving beyond grief, escaping from the cycle of domestic violence, or simply celebrating the joy of being alive and spiritually centered -- you've come to the right place.

If you're part of the helping community (therapist, clergy, shelter staff, campus center worker, outreach counselor, activist, volunteer, etc.) -- you've come to the right place.

Challenges was in continuous publication from 1992 to 1998, sharing vital information with those who are determined to help themselves. Because Challenges is not affiliated with any 12 step program or organization, it is in a unique position to recognize the work of those in the recovery field.

Think of Challenges as a clearinghouse that pulls together the best of timely information from many different sources. While Challenges is not a substitute for professional counseling or participation in a reputable recovery program, it often serves as a welcome adjunct.

From subscribers in Alaska to the Virgin Islands, here's a sampling of readers' feedback:

"Challenges is the most pithy, professional publication I've seen (in this field). I know that many people need a publication in which their experiences can be validated through prose and poetry, but so much of what I see seems to keep people stuck in the victim stage. You seem to have captured an inspirational, spiritual quality without becoming evangelical or enhancing victimology. At some point, recovery is about celebrating life--all of it--including experiences which were once unmentionable. Congratulations!"
~ A counselor in Connecticut.

"Challenges has helped me see myself in a clearer light...It gives me courage to deal with me."
In recovery, Arizona.

"I sure do love the tone presented in Challenges. It's great, and consistent... demonstrates continuity and dependability."
Publisher of quarterly for trauma survivors, California.

"Among my friends and support people, we agree that codependency is an issue we all face, and all of our addictions were different--food, alcohol, drugs, sex. You name it, but it all comes back to our codependent issues. Thanks for Challenges, and keep up the good work."
In recovery, Ohio.

"As a former codependent, I am able now to see how widespread this phenomenon really is, not only where alcoholism is involved, but many other forms of abuse and disregard for common courtesy and respect. My heart breaks when I see mothers who not only 'take it' from their husbands but allow their children to control them, instead of providing the strong leadership and guidance that kids need. I will pass on the information about your newsletter to one of these families."
A recovered codependent, Maryland.

"Challenges has had a profound effect on my own continuing recovery as well as my work as a counselor facilitating codependency groups. Every issue has been a wonderful source of information and has been instrumental in helping folks become aware of their codependence and often they begin breaking through the denial."
Counselor, Arizona.